Materials / parts

We have a wide variety of materials, from single bolts, nuts, and small diameter pipes to long (m) pipes, and we will deliver them to you promptly.


Depending on the product, we will control procurement according to your request (delivery date, price, etc.) with a view to overseas (Korea, Thailand, etc.) production.

Parker store Sakai

A convenience store for fittings, hoses, and valves operated by an agency of Parker Hannifin Japan Co., Ltd., pursuing “closer to customers and more convenient” as a service window for Parker products.

Design / manufacturing

In both design and production, we will cooperate with a cooperating (strong) company with abundant knowledge and technology to control procurement according to your request (delivery date, price, etc.).

Marine transport

Among abundant cooperating (strong) companies, especially in the production of large can manufacturing equipment, we will control procurement so that we can manufacture products that can be crossed over the quay and transported by sea.

Overseas procurement

We procure and manufacture materials, products, valves and equipment in China, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.


We will respond to your requests from small parts to large can manufacturing equipment. We also respond to requests for long-term dispatch of welders.

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