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We hava Important Grobal Communicasion

  1. Various piping materials, valves, pumps, equipment
    • 1)Major manufacturers (Equipment) KITZ, Hitachi Valve, Yoshikei, Ben, Tomoe, OKM, etc.
      (Footing) FKK, Inock, JFE, KITZ, etc.
    • 2)Parker Store Sakai (Parker Hannifin Authorized Agent)
      • ※ We also procure piping materials, valves and pumps overseas.
  2. Design, manufacture and installation of can making equipment
    • 1)Applicable regulations: Type 1 pressure vessel, Type 2 pressure vessel, High Pressure Gas Safety Act, Gas Business Act, Electricity Business Act, Fire Service Act, etc.
    • 2)Applicable materials: CS, SUS, special materials (Ti, Hastelloy, CU, etc.)
    • 3)Tower tanks, filling, heat exchangers, polishing tanks, tanks with aji data, silos / hoppers, cone roofs, local assembly tanks, marine transportation tanks, etc.
      • ※ We also design, manufacture, and procure various equipment overseas.
  3. General on-site construction
    • 1)Piping and equipment removal / assembly installation work
    • 2)Electrical instrumentation work design and construction
    • 3)Factory utility piping and equipment design and construction
    • 4)Maintenance of various planed piping and equipment removal equipment
  4. Installation of machinery and equipment
  5. Heat insulation work
  6. Machining in general
  7. Various lining processing in general (rubber lining, PTFE, GL, etc.)
  8. General resin processing (PVC, FRP, PTFE, etc.)
  9. Dispatched labor (worker dispatch business)

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