Materials / parts

We have a wide variety of materials, from single bolts, nuts, and small diameter pipes to long (6m) pipes, and we will deliver them to you quickly.

Parker store Sakai store

A convenience store for fittings, hoses, and valves operated by an agency of Parker Hannifin Japan Co., Ltd., pursuing “closer to customers and more convenient” as a service window for Parker products.

Design / manufacturing

In both design and production, we will cooperate with a cooperating (strong) company with abundant knowledge and technology to control procurement according to your request (delivery date, price, etc.).

Marine transportation

Among abundant cooperating (strong) companies, especially in the production of large can manufacturing equipment, we will control procurement so that we can manufacture products that can be crossed over the quay and transported by sea.


Depending on the product, we will control procurement according to your request (delivery date, price, etc.) with a view to overseas (Korea, Thailand, etc.) production.

Overseas procurement

We procure and manufacture materials, products, valves and equipment in China, South Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.


In addition to general materials (CS, SUS), we also support special materials (CU, Ti) from single welding to large equipment manufacturing.

On-site construction

We will control procurement from foundation work, on-site assembly, and removal / installation of large equipment with the goal of accident-free and safety first.

Plumbing work

We handle various types of on-site and prefabricated piping work, replacement of individual valves, instrumentation equipment, etc., heat retention, electricity, and painting maintenance work.

Temporary staffing

In particular, we will hire Filipinos locally as Mizuno trading company employees, secure and dispatch human resources who can be employed for a long time at the customer’s factory.

What we can do

Mizuno Shokai Co., Ltd. will do its best with the spirit of Sakai merchants, from small things to satisfying customers in terms of quality, price, and delivery, from one part to can manufacturing equipment manufacturing and construction related. ..

We accept questions and inquiries. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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